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Hi, my name is Jolene Neufeld. I own and operate Pembina Valley Go out of Stanley, Manitoba.

A lifelong resident of the Pembina Valley region, I've always been aware of the tremendous local talent and high rates of entrepreneurship around me.

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of customers being able to find and reach you. Pembina Valley Go began as an idea as I searched for advertising for my small business in the Pembina Valley region. 

When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I dreamed up Pembina Valley Go, an online directory designed with small business owners and artisans in mind to promote their brands, services and products..

Listing your business on Pembina Valley Go will help more customers find and reach you. You'll also have additional opportunities to promote your business through the Pembina Valley Go newsletter, blog, and social media platforms.

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Our Mission

To connect businesses, customers, and communities across the Pembina Valley region. 

Our Values

Local — You'll find only local information and advertisements on Pembina Valley Go

Quality — We're committed to keeping quality at the forefront in everything we do 

Business  We exist to promote small businesses and artisans in the Pembina Valley 

Giving Back  We're committed to giving back to non-profits in the Pembina Valley 

Improving  We are open to feedback and will strive to keep adding value to our website, to business owners, customers, and communities in the Pembina Valley 

Our Vision

To provide quality and affordable advertising opportunities for small businesses and artisans.