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Manitoba — The Heart of Canada

In central Canada sits the province of Manitoba, often referred to as the heart of Canada.

Inhabited thousands of years ago by the Indigenous peoples of Canada, Manitoba is now made up of a diverse population, with immigrants represented from around the world. The landscape of Manitoba is similar in its diversity; from the natural beauty of the prairies, the numerous freshwater lakes, to the arctic tundra and boreal forests. Manitoban's take pride in their strong spirit and friendly demeanour, which sustains them through the ever changing seasons.

The Pembina Valley Region

In south-central Manitoba, the Pembina Valley region sprawls across numerous municipalities, cities, towns and villages.

Made up of rich farmland, grasslands, forests, rolling hills and of course the river valley. The Pembina Valley region provides many wonderful locations to raise families, start businesses, and enjoy wholesome rural living.

An Exceptional and Unique Offering

There are countless artisans and entpreneurs that make the Pembina Valley their home, offering exceptional and unique products and services locally and abroad.

Whether you are new to the area, just visiting, or a long-time resident, you'll find products and services you're looking for in the Pembina Valley.

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